Away by michael gow

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AWAY by Michael Gow.

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Away, by Michael Gow - Play Analysis

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In Away, Roy estranged from Carol who blames Roy for sending their son away to Vietnam where he was killed.

“Away” Michael Gow Analysis Paper

She forms an attachment to Rick, a fitter and turner. Michael Gow’s play Away is the story of three different Australian families who go on holiday for Christmas in the sixties. By going away each family is hoping to resolve their issues.

1. AWAY MICHAEL GOW Michelle Merritt ; 2. Overview Away focuses on three families embarking on their summer holiday at the end of the year. The families are seen as a cross section of the Australian community at the time and they have different life experiences, aspirations and attitudes.

Away. by Michael Gow 17 June - 8 July About To celebrate the 20 th anniversary of Away, Michael Gow will direct a magical production of his iconic Australian story in the same venue where it all began.

This is evident in Michael Gow’s Away, as seen through the characters of Gwen, Coral and Tom. The three gain sight and knowledge into their lives through the different perceptions and ideas of discovery.

Away by michael gow
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