Napoleon despotism

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7 Facts about Napoleon for AP World History Review

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Napoleonic code

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Discuss Napoleon's domestic policy.

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Marshal Ney

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No man ever made practical realities of so many of liberty's dreams, yet it was by despotism that he gave liberal and beneficent laws in his Code Napoleon. Ingeniously, he wrote, "The pursuit of detail is the religion of perfection.".

Explain how the French Revolution developed from constitutional monarchy to democratic despotism to the Napoleonic Empire. Napoleon was sent to help wrest the city from the British after the. Get an answer for 'Discuss Napoleon's domestic policy.' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.

Moreover, for Napoleon, enlightened despotism was not just an ideal; the man was indeed wise. Although he had a profound sense of a mystical destiny, claiming that he followed his "star," the quick-witted Napoleon was unusually shrewd and rational, unlike many European rulers of the day.

Napoleon is a great leader to know for AP World History.

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Here are seven must-know facts about Napoleon for your AP World History review. Menu. It was because there was no Napoleon I, only a Napoleon.

A dictator whose death opened the door to many denials or, at least, a great deal of caution.

Bourbon Restoration

No one thought of the king of Rome inno more than they did in

Napoleon despotism
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