No weapon on campus

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Weapons on Campus FAQs

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Nuclear weapon

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The Portland State University Student Union is calling on the University to disarm campus officers with a rally scheduled for Sunday — the three-year anniversary of when the university first. ADVISORY: The Offender does not support nor condone hatred, mistreatment, harrasement, etc of any subject that is located on the various Sex Offender Registries.

In the wake of several campus shootings, states are considering legislation about whether or not to permit guns on college campuses.

NCSL provides an overview of. Stun Guns are not legal to own in all states. Please read below to see if your city/state is on the prohibited list or not.

According to our research, the laws listed below are the most precise and accurate records available of anywhere online. Mission Statement.

Classes Cancelled

The Department of Campus Safety & Security's mission is to provide professional and courteous service to the Lakeland University students, faculty and staff by providing a safe and secure environment in which to learn, grow and enjoy your Lakeland University community experience.

No weapon on campus
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Schools and Gun Violence