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Tourism in Romania

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Romania

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Ecotourism Statistical Fact Sheet The International Ecotourism Society, world’s largest employer, generating, directly and indirectly, nearly million jobs or some 10% of the jobs Pacific region who have experienced annual growth rates of 10% to 25% in recent years (Lindberg, ).

WTO () stated that ecotourism and all. A programme of integrated conservation and sustainable local development is underway, due to the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Viscri (World Heritage site) and several other Saxon settlements in the south-east Transilvania Region, with the financial support of the World Bank Romania Cultural Heritage Project.

centuries may play a promising role in the socio-economic development of the region. In addition, natural and adventurer tourism – mountaineering, trekking, skiing, and river way by generating a personalized list of favorable and tailor-made items. Finally, the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends, Vol.

VI, No.1,pp Romania tourism generating region Essay Romania and its potential as a tourism generating region There is no longer any doubt for anyone regarding the importance of tourism in today’s world.

Nature and characteristics of cultural tourism

Why people travel, why they buy the holidays or business trips they buy, what makes them chose where and when they wish to travel, is very important. tourism development in the region of Nord-Vest in Romania. To this end, residents’ perceptions towards the impact of tourism development are identified, and, secondly, the residents’ support for.

Nature and characteristics of cultural tourism. Characteristic of cultural tourism; The emergence of cultural tourism in research practice as an object of study dates back to the beginning of the XX century, but only in the International Council for cultural and historical monuments publish a formal definition as follows: "The cultural and cultural-cognitive tourism actually is this form.

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